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      • We Won An Eisner!
        Just got back from the crush of humanity that is Comic-Con International. It was fun, it was tiring, it was geeky. Not that I minded -- those are my people. I have to say, though, comics' presence seems to be diminishing. Movies and video games and television were drawing big crowds. There

      • Strange Tales Volume 2
        First, if you're at Comic-Con, please visit! Here's my signing schedule:

        Signing at First Second Books (Booth #1323)
        Saturday 7/24/2010 at 1:30pm
        Derek Kirk Kim will be there, too!

        Signings at SLG Publishing (Booth #1815)
        Sunday 7/25/2010 at 10:00am
      • Comic-Con International
        I can't believe Comic-Con is just over a week away. Man, summer goes by fast. I will be there from Friday afternoon through Sunday. My good buddy Wayne Lo has graciously offered to share his table with me, so we'll be at table GG-19 in Artist's Alley. I'll also be doing signi

      • Harvey Pekar Died Today.
        I found out this morning during my daily walk through the comics blogosphere. Harvey Pekar's been in the back of my mind all day.

        When I was growing up, our local library had a small collection of American Splendors dutifully shelved in the 741's. I tried reading them more tha

      • Comics Workshop in SF
        Man, I thought I was getting so good at this whole blogging thing...

        I just realized I never mentioned this workshop I'm doing this Sunday 7/11/10 at the Asian Art Museum in SF. I'll be going over making comics, from beginning to end. We'll be designing characters, writin

      • Interview at The Millions
        During my trip to Minneapolis, book reporter Paul Morton came to speak with me about comics, religion, and growing up. The Millions just put up our interview here.

      • Mark Waid is Amazing
        Back when I was in my post-adolescent, anti-establishment, pro-indie-comics phase, I used to argue that they should've stopped making superhero comics after Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. What's the point of scaling the mountain once the peak's been reached?

        Now Mar

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