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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - I <heart> NY
I <heart> NY 
I had a great time in New York at the Museum of Chinese in the Americas. Can't believe so much fun could fit into one measly weekend! My fellow panelists are amazing people. Jann Jones (Big Wig Editor at DC Comics) and Jeff Yang (surprise panelist and writer for SF Gate) I've met before, but Larry Hama (legendary G.I.Joe creator), Christine Norrie (artist of the graphic novel Breaking Up), Jae Lee (artist of Stephen King's Dark Tower comics series), and Pornsak Pichetshote (editor at DC) are new friends. Larry told crazy stories of the comics industry "back in the day." Christine, Pornsak, and I just sat there awestruck, wondering why comic book creators of our generation aren't half as interesting. And Jae Lee - I read his comics when I was in high school, and that dude is only a year older than me! Turns out he broke into comics at EIGHTEEN. EIGHTEEN! Some people have all the talent.

In any case, you should check out Christine's latest:

She passed me a copy and it's a really fun read. Strong characterization and storytelling with some authentic teenage fashion thrown in! Perfect for middle and high school kids of both genders, I think.


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Sounds like it was a great panel. Publishers Weekly featured a photo of you and Christine Norrie as their "Picture of the Day" in the latest eNewsletter. Click here and scroll to the bottom to see...

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