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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Best Lecture I've Ever Experienced
Best Lecture I've Ever Experienced 
Notice I didn't title this entry "Best Lecture I've Ever Heard." The president of our school forwarded this to me:


Beyond the immense importance of his topic, the lecturer here displays a deep understanding of multimedia communication. He brings together speech and text and animation to effectively convey an incredible amount of information in a relatively short period of time. A presentation like this simply wouldn't have been possible twenty years ago. This is how our students will need to communicate. This is what we as teachers need to train them for.


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Administrator (Gene Yang) 
Thanks so much, Sarah! It's nice to hear that ABC has made it all the way across the pond.


sarah burgess 
Hello there sir...sorry to interrupt..!!

But I picked up a book of yours the other day, 'American Born chinese' and i just wanted to tell you how fantastic I am finding it..!

so much so I stopped reading it to see if you had a volume 2 out already, instead fond your website to tell you!
I am thourouglhy enjoying this, and I find it brillaint how you manage to intertwine 3 stories into one- your writing is beautifuly witty and somewhat dark in humor,\ which is fantastic!! btw, I loathe chin-kee... but i found it amusing how you made it typical sit-com style. *applauds*

you brought up some good issues...and I don't know, people go on and on about racism but they have never acutlaly been through it...the main reason i borught this was because of the clear view point you gave :) it was fair, and real, and grounded.

your art is georgeous.; I've only just got into 'indie' comics and I hate marvel comics personally'; and It was just wonderful to find a style that was simple and loveable =]therefore it makes me want to read more american comics! your panels are easy to read and I can just read the comic as if i am watching a film; it's beautifuly presented!! again it was very seemless...!

sorry to ramble and invade your blog like this >_< I just wanted to let you know how fantastic i think it is...i really think you are one of \those artists capable of breaking the boundries in comics...please keep it up, I am supporting you!! I hope your work get's more known around here!!

keep at it!! //sarah from UK!

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