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I can't believe it's been well over a month since I last updated. I've had a busy December. Seriously. But Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm going to be at the Fremont Main Library this coming Saturday (1/12/08) from 3 to 4pm. The Fremont Main is an absolutely gorgeous library, so even if you don't come to see me, come to check out the library! My son LOVES their children's section. Here's the address:

Fremont Main Library
2400 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA


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Buying your mount
items with grey text are vendor trash, meaning you sell them to a vendor. ALWAYS pick up the vendor trashat your level every little bit counts. If its WHITE text, that means its used in a profession somehow. Hold onto it and see what its worth on the Auction House. If you can sell it to the vendor for 25s but sell it on the AH for 50s youve just doubled your profit! Dont laugh at 50s profit eitherdo that 1000 times (which you will do this 1000s of times in this game) thats 500g!
You should be making more than enough money to pay for new skills, updated armor and weapons, gryphon flights, stupid noncombat pets (hey I love em too!) etc. But keep in mind you are working towards two things when you hit lvl 40:
1. Buying your mount,Good service and price forwow gold and Logo Design good site. wow orandWoW gold kaufenandWoW oroandWOW soldi which is going to cost you 90g
2. Preparing for your first crafting profession, which will take money to level and buy schematics/patterns/recipes/etc.
You cannot enter Phase Two until you have purchased your mount and have like 100g in savings. Trust me on this one.

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