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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - In Memory of Rory Root
In Memory of Rory Root 

I received word yesterday that Rory Root, the owner of Comic Relief in Berkeley, passed away. I first met Rory over ten years ago, when I'd just started making comics. Since then, he has carried every issue of every comic I've ever done, whether it was hand-stapled or professionally printed. He offered me advice, encouragement, and insight at every step of my career. And I know I wasn't the only one. Many, many cartoonists first set foot in the comics industry by putting a photocopied mini-comic on the shelves of Rory's shop. Rory supported and respected creators, regardless of the size of their print runs.

His generosity wasn't limited to cartoonists. When my wife, a fourth grade teacher, needed a class set of comics for a reading activity, Rory handed her a box of Spider-mans, free of charge.

I'm still in shock. Rory was such an integral part of the comics world, it's difficult to imagine going to a convention without bumping into him. He will be missed.

(Photo stolen from Tom Spurgeon's excellent Comics Reporter)

I begin to creat comics since last year.But I don't have efficient skills.I think it's difficult.

Zhang Qian 
HI!My name is Zhang Qian.I am a middle school student in Hubei,China.I have know about your book ,'American born Chinese'in an English magazine called 'Crazy English'.I am interested in it!

The Olympic Games will begin these days.Will you come to Beijing?Welcome to China!

J Jane Lee  
Hello! Gentlemen and ladies! I`m senior student from china. I happened to know the site. I`m so happy to know the blogowner that has the same hobby with me.
Many people may meet a lot of troubles,but if we try our best to handle it,it will be relaxing.
If I meet one of the troubles in my life, I will give me confidence , say "DO NOT QUITE. EVERY CLOUD HAS SILVER LINING."
I`m happpy to help you if it `s useful for you.

Conan Sun  
Hi,I am from China,I got to know the site through a magezine issured in China.As a fan of Comic,we share the same mood with comics and the writer.We are organised together just for this.
our length of life cann't be dicide by ourseleves,but we can dig it.
TO discovery more meaningful things is our destination.
so donn't be sorrowful all the time.
cheer up,to complete your dream
to comfort the heart of the past.

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