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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - ABC-inspired Projects
ABC-inspired Projects 
Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Catholic Library Association conference in Anaheim, CA. There, I met Mr. Lopez, a technology teacher at St. Genevieve Elementary School in Panorama City. Mr. Lopez taught American Born Chinese to his 7th and 8th grade students, and he was kind enough to share with me some of their projects. They're amazing! Here are just a few:

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Mike Nelson 
Glad to see you are doing well Mr. Yang

Hi Gene! I've just bought here the brazilian translated version of "american born chinese" and loved your book! i sent some thought at the email adress of Judy Hansen, hope you receive itlater (i didnt notice your blog here, sory!).
great story, loved all characters and im showing the book to all my studends.
best wishes from brazil,

Hi, Gene.
Not sure if you'll see this comment or not, but I just wanted to write you a quick note and couldn't find a link to e-mail you on your website.
I just finished reading ABC, and at the end where "Danny" starts punching "Chin-Kee" I started to shed a couple of tears. The story that you've written is absolutely beautiful, and I hope you know how much it means to its readers, even those who have no idea what it's like to experience the struggles that you've written about (I'm Irish-American, and I think that bias kind of died out in the late 1930's, so...)
Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the world of art.
I've been inspired to study world religion by your book, too, as I am a Christian and was interested to see those parallels in the story of the Monkey King.
Anyway, thanks again.
Stop by my blog sometime.


Thomas Singapore 
Hey! Mr Yang!

This is Thomas from Singapore.

Just chanced upon ABC the other day at the library and couldn't resist logging it back home for a read.It turned out to be a real rewarding journey, in many sense of the word!

Its wicked humour and twist at the end really cracks me up.I especially like the moments where you can see a bit of the cross-over effects between faiths and cultures. Like, the frame of the Monkey God go a-visiting on Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus? The phrases used also show up a bit of your Christian-catholic influence. (of course, on checking on this website, I understand that connection a little bit more).

Pity that I haven't been able to find the other Gene Yang books here, though.
Will keep a lookout for it.

By the way, I'm a Sngaporean Chinese. :)


Joshua Macapagal 
Thank you for posting our projects work, im with albert R.

Albert Ramirez 
Thank you for posting my group's project. It is the third one with the blue background.

Ella Harris 
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Ella Harris 
this is really good who ever drew this you have TALENT 4 REAL!!!!!!!! ELLA

Mr. David Lopez 

Thanks so much for posting my students' projects. We've been reading your book for two years now, and for many of the students, this has been their first (but not their last) graphic novel.

Thanks again for your great talk at the CLA and good luck with The Eternal Smile

These *are* amazing, Gene - it's wonderful to see some of what can be shared at conferences!

WHAAA?? This is awesome! I love that Monkey King!

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