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The Blog of Gene Luen Yang - Comic-Con International
Comic-Con International 
I can't believe Comic-Con is just over a week away. Man, summer goes by fast. I will be there from Friday afternoon through Sunday. My good buddy Wayne Lo has graciously offered to share his table with me, so we'll be at table GG-19 in Artist's Alley. I'll also be doing signings at both the First Second booth and the SLG Publishing booth. Here's the schedule:

Signing at First Second Books (Booth #1323)
Saturday 7/24/2010 at 1:30pm
Derek Kirk Kim will be there, too!

Signings at SLG Publishing (Booth #1815)
Sunday 7/25/2010 at 10:00am
Sunday 7/25/2010 at 3:00pm

Please come by! If you bring me one of my books - or even a blank sheet of paper - I'll be happy to do a sketch for you! I'll also be selling:

1. My books
2. Monkey King buttons
3. My son's latest mini-comic
4. This awesome t-shirt my brother-in-law designed using one of my drawings:

$15 a shirt. I've got adult and kid sizes!

Oh yeah, I'll also be at the Eisner Awards on Friday night because The Eternal Smile, the book Derek and I did together, got nominated this year. The Eisners are the Academy Awards of comics, only you don't have to be some drug-addled starlet to attend. It's open to the public! If you've never gone, please do this year! You've gotta go at least once!

Administrator (Gene Yang) 
Hey b.p-- good catch! They're actually not reversed on the shirt. That's just how my webcam takes pictures. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to reverse it back.

heheh, was the chinese characters in mirror/reverse internal? :)

hi gene! so great to meet you
today. (i was in the pirate costume
w my friend megan.) i look
forward to reading ABC.

I like how you're sucking in your gut.

Geoffrey Thorne 
My partner and I will be there also. I will be sure to drop by your table. Save a button for me.

Administrator (Gene Yang) 
Hi Becca, John, and Charlotte,

Thanks so much for your interest in the t-shirt! E-mail me at misteryang@yahoo.com and we'll figure something out. I'm planning to put them on eBay eventually, but I need to figure out how all that business works. Never put anything on eBay before.


Will you possibly take online orders for those shirts? I would buy one in a heart beat (SF bay area local by the way :)

John D. Moore 
There are so many reasons I wish I could be at Comicon this year, and, oh man, that tee-shirt is perhaps chief among them. Very nice.

Is there any chance you'll be selling the buttons and shirts and things online somewhere? I love the Monkey King and American Born Chinese, but there is no way I can go to Comicon. I hope you have a great time and sell tons of awesomeness!

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