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YALSA Podcast 
The Young Adult Library Services Association has just posted a podcast of a session I did at their conference last week. Terry Trueman and I were interviewed by Joel Shoemaker about our creative processes, favorite books, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Check it out!

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Prime Baby Chapter 2 

This week's Prime Baby is up over at The New York Times Magazine's Funny Pages!

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2008 Young Adult Literature Symposium 

Just got back from YALSA's very first Young Adult Literature Symposium ever. It was a pretty wonderful experience. I got to hang out with such YA lit luminaries as Barry Lyga, Kaza Kingsley, and Margaret Peterson Haddix. I even got to share the stage with Terry Trueman, an incredibly charming mixture of hyperactivity and genius, both in person and in letter.

Then, of course, there were the librarians. I think I'm going to start praying that one of my kids become a librarian the way old school Catholic parents used to pray that one of their kids become a nun or priest. I always come away from a room full of librarians feeling inspired.

Some folks at the conference asked about the Powerpoint I used during my pre-conference keynote. You can download it here for the next seven days.

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Prime Baby 

My latest project is up on the Funny Pages section of the New York Times Magazine today. It's a short story called Prime Baby, and it'll be serialized every Sunday for the next 18 weeks.

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Model Sheets 
Here are a couple of model sheets from an upcoming project of mine...

Should see the light of day in November 2008!

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