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Comics Rubric
Level: 3- 12, College
Here's a rubric I authored that evaluates the form of a student-created comics project. I would suggest that teachers also create a separate rubric for the content of the comics, based on subject-related criteria. I've posted my rubric as a .doc file so that teachers can modify it in any way that they see fit.

National Association of Comics Art Educators
Level: 9 - 12, College
The National Association of Comics Arts Educators (NACAE), presided by James Sturm, evangelizes higher learning institutions on the literary and artistic value of comics. Their primary mission is to effect the inclusion of comics classes in the course catalogs of American colleges and universities. The NACAE features syllabi of existing courses, instructional units written by cartoonists and professors, and a message board facilitating an online community of comics art educators. These resources are invaluable to anyone interested in education through comics.

The Periodic Table of Comic Books
Level: 9 - 12, College
Created by two Chemistry professors at the University of Kentucky, this website presents pages from classic American superhero comics that feature each element of the periodic table. While this site doesn't take advantage of comics as an educational medium in a meaningful way, it still can be used to enliven a science curriculum.

Level: 9 - 12, College
Comics scholar Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics, has been heavily involved in education for the past decade. A frequent lecturer at both universities and corporations, McCloud always has something interesting to say. Comics of almost every genre and format can be found on his website.

Level: 5 - 12, College
Brian Boyd, an English teacher in Thailand, created Grammarman as a way to engage his manga-obsessed students. With his trusty sidekicks Alpha-Bot and Syntax, Grammarman battles grammar mistakes around the globe as the star of Boyd's whimsical, well-drawn comic strip.

Diamond Bookshelf
Level: K - 12
Diamond Comics is America's largest comics distributor. The Diamond Bookshelf is the section of their website specifically dedicated to teachers and librarians. Here you'll find lesson plans, articles, and even some advice about how to catalog your graphic novel collection.

Comics English
Level: 9 - 12, College
This website provides explanations of English-language comic strips to EFL/ESL (English as a foreign language) learners so they can understand and enjoy American humor.


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